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The first point of contact between a business venture and an existing or potential customer is the website. This is the primary reason why organisations today are taking special care to ensure that they have a site that is aesthetically pleasing, visually appealing and one that can hold on to a client’s attention for long. Actually it should be long enough to enable the visitor to take a considered purchase decision after browsing the length and breadth of the site. Only then can a business be assured of exponential growth and development. Not having a well developed and designed website can lead to high bounce rates that is, visitors leaving the site quickly resulting in lost sales opportunities for the business.

The best way to make a site deliver expected and desired results is to have it designed and developed by top website developers in Melbourne or wherever the business is located according to convenience of the owner. In this connection it can definitely be said that one of the top companies for website development is Onestopmedia.

The agency has long years of experience in this field and a team of web developers with high professional expertise. The benchmarks of excellence set by the agency have ensured that they have in their client portfolio some of the leading names in Australian businesses in Melbourne. Onestopmedia offers comprehensive online digital marketing services that includes apart from website design and development, structuring online digital marketing campaigns and tracking of results.

The advantage that any organisation gets when they hire Onestopmedia for developing websites is that the agency does not adopt any cookie cutter methods. Every site is so developed that it meets the unique and exclusive needs of the organisation. For this, the technicians at the agency carry out hours of research initially to evaluate what methods and type of website will be suitable. For example, the tools and techniques that need to be adopted for an ecommerce site will be totally different from that of a retailer or a manufacturer. Hence, the website of every client is individually built from scratch and optimised to meet industry standards and specifications.

Websites developed by the agency have a high functional efficiency. This is because the latest tools are used for web development. WordPress, one of the most common hosting platforms and widely employed the world over for web development is used at Onestopmedia. WordPress is much appreciated for its ability to create simple and modern designs as well as for its affordability. For ecommerce clients the multi channel software Hybris is adopted which offers an enhanced customer experience to visitors to ecommerce sites.

Most crucially, the agency has the required expertise to develop responsive websites. In the modern business environment most customers first browse for products and services on small handheld Internet enabled devices such as smart phones before coming to a purchase decision. Hence it is necessary that websites are so structured that they can be easily navigated regardless of the size of the screen, varying from desktops and laptops to tablets and smart phones. These are called responsive websites and technicians at Onestopmedia are experts in developing them.

The cutting edge services offered by Onestopmedia in developing websites have today made them industry leading experts in this area.

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